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What is Inspect Safe Rental Inspections and why should I get one?

An Inspect Safe rental inspection service is carried out by a licensed builder for the landlord or property manager is to assess if a property meets current legislation with the safety and compliance prior to or post rental.

A pre-rental Inspect Safe inspection will document and ensure that the landlord and property agent are not negligent.

A rental inspection will include and document building elements such as the retrospective compliance of handrail heights, safety glass, falling from heights, electrical and so forth.

A pre-rental inspection also includes safety compliance with also a test for the residual compounds left from use or manufacture of methamphetamines and ice. Click for more info.

With such a huge drug epidemic facing Australians, Property managers now have a duty of care to not only their landlords but the tenants who are renting the property.

Methamphetamine use and manufacture can have a serious health effect to new and existing tenants, due to the residual toxic compounds left over.

Due to recent court rulings and the cost of up to $30,000 in clean up to make the property habitable again, Landlords are ensuring their rental property is clear prior and post tenancy.

What is included in a pre-rental inspection?
  1. Onsite inspection and consultation by a licensed builder.
  2. Safety and compliance information of the structure.
  3. Inspection of operational and installations items such as doors, locks and windows, gas and water.
  4. A residual pre-curser test for methamphetamine use or manufacture.
  5. A detailed photographic report with recommendations.
  6. Inspect Safe Certified, To ensure your rental property complies with safety and you and your property manager are not negligent in anyways.

A pre-rental Inspect Safe Inspection is affordable reassurance knowing your property meets the current legislation.

Did you know?

Common law dictates that landlords have a duty to guarantee the safety of rented property and its contents. Of utmost importance is that no injury or damage is caused to the tenants, neighbors or public as a direct result of the landlord neglecting his/her responsibilities. In addition to common law, there are regulations specific to rental properties – these fall under the landlord responsibilities and must be followed to the letter. The tenant also has a duty of care not to break the law in your property.

Landlord responsibilities include:

1) Maintaining the structure and exterior of the house.

2) Ensuring all ‘installations’ are working, such as gas, electricity, and heating

3) Installation and appliance maintenance and overall safety. Please note: only applies to landlord-owned appliances

4) Treat potentially health-threatening issues such as rising damp and now a latest health threatening issue is methamphetamine.

5) Anything else that’s stipulated in the tenancy agreement

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